Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Two Way Street Coffee House in Downer's Grove is having it's 35th anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 12. Two Way Street is one of the best and oldest (if not the oldest) still-existing folk venues in the Chicago area and is nationally known. These anniversary celebrations started in 1990 (20th) and are held every 5 years.

The day starts at 2pm and includes a barn dance, an evening concert, lots-o-jamming, and plenty of fun. I hope everyone will try and stop in -- there is no admission fee, to boot.

Thursday's Child is very pleased to be invited to participate in the evening concert. (We've been performing at TWS since 1984, initially as a trio with a neighbor friend and since 1987 with Bob and Mary Kay Lopardo.)

It will be a hoot!

Here's the website for address info -- -- and just in case anyone wants to see what Thursday's Child used to look like when we were younger --


Jack Swain said...

I went to this event and had a great time. I spent a little while in the singalong room, then I went up to the singer/songwriter room and played a few of my new songs. I also sang a couple of my songs at the open mic, then jammed with Thursday's Child until the evening performances got under way. The highlight of the evening was Thursday's Child who were the final performers on the bill and they were excellent!

Jack Swain said...

I meant to say the highlight of the entire day was Thursday's Child, not just in the evening!