Sunday, November 06, 2005

• • • New Venue Update • • •
Nola's Cup "Test Run" Next Saturday

Jim and I met with the owners of Nola's Cup on Friday morning. We gave them our CD and the latest Wednesday Journal article. And they've agreed to give our former SB group a try. They've never hosted live music before, so this is a test run to see if everybody feels comfortable with it ... namely the owners, their patrons and our musicians.

First and foremost, the room is small. So we're purposefully limiting the number of musicians to six ... including Jim, Mary, Jack, Bob, Rick and Mike.

After the date, Jim and I will follow up with the owners to see if they'd like us back every Saturday. Please contact me by posting comments using the link below with your concerns, compliments and/or ... well ... comments.


blopardo said...

On a lark, I contacted the Oak Park Arms (Oak Park and Washington) about their interest in having some Saturday morning jams there. They love the idea and were thinking of asking us anyway.

We can talk about it as a group or goups later, but just wanted everyone to know.

Miguel said...

What a phenomenal, out-of-the-box idea! Let me know how I can help with any details.