Sunday, December 11, 2005

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There is a fantastic web site where you can download tons of free bluegrass music and listen to non-stop, commercial free bluegrass radio. It's got more bluegrass music that you'll probably ever want to hear.

It's They don't use mp3 files because they say they lose much too much information. So they have their files in different formats that convert to WAV (and/or AIF) files. In order to use this, people need to have some computer skills, such as using FTP software. Once you have the music on your computer, you can then burn CD's or just leave it on your hard drive.

Note: Most audio files are posted in Shorten format (*.shn) which requires a free application to decode and convert to WAV or other audio format. Get information on Shorten here.

Anyway, I thought others would want to know about this, so please pass it on. Thanks, Bob Althouse

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Miguel said...

I downloaded a Mac Wiseman concert from 1959. It's phenomenal.