Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Steve Goodman: Facing the Music, cover photo
Events Commemorating the New Steve Goodman Biography
A new biography of the beloved singer-songwriter Steve Goodman is due for national release at the end of the month. The author, Clay Eals, researched Goodman's life for eight years. He will be making in-person events at the Old Town School of Folk Music in May as well. Pre-orders are available here.

Quotes from notable supporters:
Wry, unpretentious and uplifting, Steve Goodman had a special presence with an audience. As this book recounts, he opened 200 shows for me, often for crowds of 10,000 or more. He was just one guy with a guitar, but in 30 seconds he would have them. It was amazing to see, and this biography captures every incredible detail.
- Steve Martin

Clay Eals skillfully narrates the Dickensian life of Steve Goodman, one of the most exciting and refreshing acoustic performers to grace a stage. Meticulously detailed and carefully documented, this biography reads like a riveting novel. Goodman's spirit and charm leap from its pages.
- Rich Warren, host of "The Midnight Special," WFMT-FM, Chicago


Lucy said...

Just got my advance copies of "Steve Goodman: Facing the Music" by Clay Eals, accompanied by the CD. Looking forward to a long rainy day tomorrow to delve into the pages and the memories. As one of those on the periphery of Steve's early music career and his life with Nancy, I miss him still ... his laughter, his energy (even when his body rebelled, he gave his audience more than he had), his skill, his creativity, his music, his interest, his humility, and his intelligence. Clay has done a fine job in gathering so much, a tribute to Steve's wide circle of friends and the respect musicians and friends still have for him decades after we lost him. The snippets I've read so far represent Clay's skill as a journalist and biographer. Go get it! Enjoy! Steve achieved a lot in a life too short.
Lucy Wells, New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

I've made it about half way through the book and so far I am very impressed. Clay Eals has managed to present Steve Goodman in all his humanity, the good and the bad. He wasn't any different from anyone else, he wanted what anyone else wanted, to live a good life even if it was too short. but he did so much more, squeezing all he could out of a life too short, making as much lemonade as he could.