Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mighty Fine Boston Band - Crooked Still
Crooked Still
Meet Crooked Still, the hot young alternative bluegrass group on a mission to bend the boundaries of traditional music. The unlikely combination of banjo, cello, and double-bass drives this low lonesome band, whose captivating vocals and high-wire solos have enraptured audiences all over North America and Ireland since 2001.


Hey I just stumbled upon this Boston band while shopping for tunes on eMusic. Their debut album "Shaken by a Low Sound" is filled with traditional American old-time/bluegrass tunes, but the performances are wonderful -- especially the vocals. You know, I've come to the point in my life at which the vocals are everything. And this album is lovely. Comparisons to the neo-roots band Ollabelle and its blend of male-and-female harmonies are unavoidable. Crooked Still brings its own unique instrumentation (including cello) and a Celtic edge.

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