Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chatham County Line: IV: Pitchfork Record Review
"IV is the most rewarding offering from Chatham County Line to date. It's a little bit bigger and a little more elaborate than its predecessors, but it's an incremental step toward something more expansive. It still retains the best elements of the band's music-- its separation from the moment. This music isn't a product of its era, but nor is it married to a bygone one. It's essentially timeless, both in terms of era and when I find I can listen to it. That's a quality any band would be happy to claim."
- Record Review 03-18-2008

Another great album from one of the new wave of young (under-30) string bands plying the back roads of Americana. CCL are functionally a bluegrass unit - guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and double bass. But their music reflects their youth and diverse musical interests, but they never veer into the "newgrass"-cum-jazzesque fusion of the 70s generation. It's hard to pin a label on 'em. But the music's mighty fine!

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